Welcome to my world

Welcome to the short story of my life!

Hey there! thanks for this visit, but what is this all about?
Well where do I begin…I have created this space to express my feelings, opinions, tips and tricks, views and reviews on everything life related!
All in the hopes that you can have a read – laugh at – relate to or just read to kill some time and maybe learn something in the meantime. So many strange things happen on the regular… good bad and the ugly – I’ve decided to document it now in the hopes that other people who have strange life/events/issues could relate, get help, or just feel understood. Maybe even get some good tips and tricks on the way

I by no means am very literate  – or possess a profession in well… any field I have a half degree of graphic design, and 3/4 of an applied science architectural degree, Just your average gal with a personal blog. So please ignore the shocking English and just enjoy my blog for what it is 🙂 I’ll figure the rest out eventually

But first… a little bit about me…

A very basic, short story of from being an infant to now – note: there is nothing to learn or gain from the below, Just an overall journey if you must to understanding me a little better.

Born on the Central Coast of New South Wales Australia with two older brothers I was destined for good things… like food…lots of it 🙂 Great coastal beaches and camping! because hey there’s no better feeling than being connected to the ocean & the earth…Bugs and all.

 My time in the Central Coast was short-lived, as my parents decided to move back to my dad’s birthplace – the Gold Coast! This is where I went to primary school – St Kevin’s, for a few years at least… in grade 5 we ended up moving north 2.5 hrs to the Sunshine Coast, guess mum wanted more sunshine less golden. From there I attended Mtn creek State Primary until year 8, then we moved…again and I did the rest of my schooling years at Chancellor State College, I graduated and moved 1.5hrs south to Brisbane to attend university at QANTM Collage where I half completed my Bachelor of graphic design… before getting distracted half way and jetting off to EUROPEEEEE for a while

So, the story goes – I spent wayyyyyy to much money in the 24 countries I visited like way way way too much mula – So I moved to WA to work in the mines and become rich… in like 3 months? …HA well that was the plan in my head anyway. I was only meant to be in WA for a few months to pay off my European drunken debts, however I ended up meeting this blonde surfer country boy, and well he swept me off my feet (well he bought me and my GF a trip to Perth for a festival with accom) and like any other romantic sooky girl with big eyes and a big heart I couldn’t say no he was amazing, but that’s another story for another time – SO connecting back to my beach roots I decided to stay in a town of the Margret River Region – Dunsborough

(but there’s a bit of rivalry between Marg’s and Duns so if you’re speaking to a local don’t ask them if Dunsborough is Margret River they’ll look at you as if you’re a peasant #localsOnly )

I spent about a year living there working 2 weeks away, one week home, then after 6 months I ended up on a roster consisting of 4 weeks away with one day off and then 1 week home DEATH BY WORK. I did that for about 6 more months, quit did some more travelling started an Architecture degree at Curtin University going back up north on a 2:1 roster for a few years on and off between my uni holidays. I started a lingerie label in 2014, it got snapped up by the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival in 3 months of me operating STOKED! but I’ll have a separate post on that one!

LIFE TIP: Working away is incredible money, but it sucks (if you have a shitty job like I did) – to be honest when I was 19 and on a 6-figure salary I was miserable! It made me realise money does not equal happiness at all, it’s epic having money to blow like Charlie sheen on a night in a Vegas strip show, but if you don’t enjoy your job all those miserable hours you spend away making it really takes a toll, but…again… that’s another story for another time – well another read- it’s on my blog!

I ended up buying a house in Perth, working fifo maybe 5 months a year and doing my uni for the rest, designing garments in-between!

(i’m skipping a little heart break and i’ll move onto my Sydney life)

Long story short I got a epic job with a billionaire, travelled the world, quit after almost 2 years than went straight on the Bachelor and got booted off for calling the guy a dog ‘see you next tuesday’…..

again another story for another post..

hope I didn’t suck the life out of you, but this is me in a nut shell! I’ll have details posts for interesting topics in the menu!

Thanks for reading ❤


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