How to get rid of bumpy skin… Formally known as Keratosis Pilaris

Do you have bumpy skin on your arms, back or legs? Do you find you get embarrassed when someone touches your affected area? No matter what you do it NEVER goes away? It’s not the end of the world – you’re healthy and it’s not painful but it does rein on your self-confidence … Right?

Don’t stress you’re not alone – I’ve had it for as long as I can remember, I always thought I had acute acne that never went away. However, it wasn’t until I recently went to the dermatologist for a completely different issue that I discovered it was not acne, and in-fact a genetic skin issue handed down from my parent/s.. But is it really something that can’t be fixed? The answer is even your genes say it can’t – Turns out you can beat it with diet!

So, what exactly is it?

The condition is called Keratosis Pilaris, Chicken skin, or KP and it affects around 40 percent of adults and roughly 80% of teens (see you really aren’t the only one!) — it’s a genetic issue caused by your body producing too much keratin forming dead skin cells resulting in a clogged hair follicle! Hence the lumpy bumpy skin!

Majority of the time it’s an acute condition, for others it might be more serious everyone is different, but I can guarantee everyone who has it would agree silky smooth skin is somewhat of a far-fetched dream. Well was, until now!

My personal experience 

For me personally it wasn’t too bad, it affected my self-confidence more than anything – especially in the bedroom department! I was always so embarrassed being touched on my arms or back, to the point I’d almost throw my partners arm off and be like ‘hey let’s hold hands instead?’ #awkward – I was so embarrassed of what my partner was thinking about my bumpy skin I avoided being touched like the plague. These little bumps were a mental pain rather than physical, as I grew older I came to terms with it. Even though there is no known cure, there’s plenty of at home remedies that have worked for many including me! Here’s to improving self-confidence and skin texture at last!

Let’s cut to the chase? what’s going to concur these stubborn bumps!

DIET FOR SOME – okay so the below worked for me BUTTTTT recently (since i’ve written this article, i went Gluten and Dairy free and what did i notice? NO MORE KP!! NO MORE CREAMS AND NO MORE TROPICAL ANYTHING!!! Turns out it can also be a reaction from an unknown allergy, Intollerance or just simply food! Love food too much and would rather use something tropical? Read below 😉

So, we know KP is your body producing too much keratin & clogging up follicles with dry dead skin. So, to fix it we need to rid of the dry skin (exfoliate + moisturise), and discourage keratin from producing somehow? seems easy enough.

For my wholeee life I used drying acne products on my KP because I thought if I dried out the little buggers they’d go away like pimples – DO NOT DO THIS, moisturise, nourish and care for your KP, it’ll soon pack its bags and vanish – Bye Felicia!

Coconut oil – Fixes legit everything $6

Image result for coconut oil

Coconut oil fixes everything I know; however, I didn’t realise just how much this beauty could aid in ridding my lumps and bumps! But how? well the magical nut oil contains lauric acid which helps to break up keratin, and prevent it from building up. It is also rich in both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to heal redness whilst moisturising your body.
Exfoliate yo-body daily, apply the nut oil either in the shower (easy boom) or after the shower if you prefer and you’ll see results within a week, continue to use and you’ll end up with skin so lush, even the Brazilians will be jealous.

Buy from any health food store / local grocer & best thing is you can get a massive tub for about $6.00AU #winning

Exfoliate + nourish | Lush | Buffy – Tough on rough skin $14



CBF exfoliating and moisturising? I know the feels – The Lush classic scrubby, moisturizing body butter slays dryness with ease. It’s packed full of exfoliating ground rice, almonds and beans in a creamy cocoa and shea butter base so you can slough away your dry bits and moisturize at the same time, revealing smooth, bright skin. How efficient! KP users toss between this and the all-round Nut oil above as their #1 favs. Slay away!

your skin will be so lush (see what I did there :P) you’ll ask people to feel your new soft smooth skin!

Nourish erry-thangMoroccanoil Hair Treatment $43Image result for moroccan hair oil

I haven’t tried this one personally, but I read a good article from another sister who raves about it, she used it when she bathed, a swig in her bath and in a few hours (after her bath), she noticed a huge difference and after a few days KP was gone – She went as far as contacting Moroccanoil asking them if they knew why it fixed the skin! They didn’t so she went to her specialists who gave her some insights why it worked for her!

“It’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E,” Dr. Zeichner explains. “These ingredients help dry irritated skin and support healthy skin cell function, explaining its usefulness in treating KP, since keratosis pilaris is caused by an accumulation of dead cells around the hair follicles.” – Gary Goldenberg and Joshua Zeichner, both practicing dermatologists with Mt. Sinai in New York. Dr. Goldenberg thinks that it’s possible that dimethicone—a common anti-inflammatory skin care ingredient that is found in Moroccanoil—could be helpful as well.

So, if the above don’t work for you, or you already have some Moroccanoil at home, give it a try! It’s on the expenny side $$ so I’d try the nut oil and lush soap first!

And if el’ natural isn’t your thing, I’ve got some Doc approved options for you

Keratolytic Agents

We’ll have the doctor translate this one for you: “Keratolytic agents help remove keratin—or the scales that are blocking the follicles, causing the bumps to form,” Products containing lactic acid, urea, and glycerine all perform this function and can be applied daily to prevent and treat the condition. Best yet, they’re super-gentle, so this is a great option if you have sensitive skin that is easily irritated.

Glycolic & Salicylic Acids |  Cane + Austin Face & Body Retexture Scrub $42

10%/0.5% Face & Body Retexture Scrub

Chemical exfoliants that lift dead skin cells up are your BFFs, salicylic and glycolic acids as being especially effective in working out those clogged follicles. For the thicker skin of your body, a concentration of 10 percent glycolic or more to see visible results quickly. Just bear this in mind: You need to be consistent with daily application to chase the bumps away and maintain results

Just don’t! What NOT to do

I’ve literally done every single one, so save yourself and your skin from these no-no’s!
a) Avoid soap cleansers as they can exacerbate dryness (unless the soap is a moisturising soap!)
b) For the love of god don’t scratch at the bumps or rub your skin roughly! I know all your pimple poppers get giddy over it, but don’t! it’ll make it so much worse!!
c) If you can, finish your shower on COLD, it’s not only good for your KP but good for your hair and skin, trust me – I read it on google 😛 no, but seriously, it’s good for your skin.
d) Don’t eat crap food! your body reacts to what you eat, so your body literally is your temple so treat it kind you only have one! Your skin will love you if you increase your OMEGA intake, vitamin A, C, E – Think fish, nits. beans, greens – some KP people noted just by changing their diet their KP vanished!
e) Steer clear of fragrances if you can – in some cases keratosis pilaris is caused or exacerbated by fragrance body products

I hope you enjoyed this read! Spread the love and share with some people who would benefit from it – Smooth sailing ahead!

Thanks for reading!

Ovwa ❤

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