Sometimes all you need is a little bit of Olive & July


You know those days where all you need is a little bit of TLC but life decides to throw you grenades instead? Well I was having one of those days, I won’t dabble into the details however believe me when I say I needed something, and that something turned out to be a little bit of Olive & July.

But first a bit of context. So, what exactly is this ‘olive and July’ business?

This little slice of heaven is Perth’s Newest Beauty & Wellness studio run by mega babe Chloe Sherrell, a young entrepreneur and beauty queen branching out on her own after five years of being in the industry gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience from Perth’s most luxurious and Elite salons – Think massage, lash lifts, waxing, reiki, facials, Makeup – All things beauty, tucked away in an exclusive architectural home in the heart of Cottesloe.

My experience

Well… Where can one begin? At first my endeavour was to find a place that could revive my distressed lashes from the battering they’ve received over the past year or so from my love of lash extensions – After months of beautiful long fluttery lashes my natural lash resembled somewhat of a bald eagle – Not exactly my #beautygoals – something had to give, it was time to give my lids a well needed rest and rejuvenation + a little something extra to be… well… not so bald.

The Lash Lift

WTF is a lash lift? I had seen lash lifts and lash perms float around social media – They entail no extensions but long lush natural lashes….SOLD, but how? Basically its a 1hr beauty procedure where your natural lashes are curled over a rod using a solution and dye, your eyes are closed and when its done you’re left with beautifully curled lashes pain free – lasting 6-10 weeks!  – As a woman who believes strongly on referrals for any beauty treatment, naturally I posted on Instagram to find ‘Perth’s BEST lash lift’ – In about 0.001 seconds legit my DMS were full of messages informing me ‘I MUST SEE’ Chloe from Olive & July – So I did just that!


What I thought was going to be a singular beauty appointment turned out to be an incredible relaxing experience by one of the most incredible down to earth person I have met in a very long time.

After spending an hour in her studio, the photos speak for themselves – not only were my lashes revived, lifted and curled for the next 6-10 weeks – but my worries melted away with her calming music and down to earth conversation. She said I could go to sleep, listen to music, relax or have a chat, the choice was mine – naturally I chewed her ear off, but she always turned it back around to talk about me, and how I was feeling. It was so nice to be cared for genuinely!

Good vibes – Always

This beautiful architectural home & studio is nooked away in a calm street of Cottesloe, not only is it a beautiful and quiet location, there is no waiting rooms or awkward sitting areas or expensive parking – Olive & July encourage you to come however you feel – Pj’s, no makeup – no worries! + kids, pet & hubby friendly, what more could you want?

Olive and July have one vision – to create a sanctuary for all women to come and relax, be pampered and feel like an absolute Queen. The focus is on YOU – she wants every single person to leave feeling beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside, she wants all her clients to be her friends, you are her family and she nurtures you just the same– I for one can totally back that!

The verdict

If you want to go to a Beauty & Wellness Studio where you won’t be judged, are welcomed with a big hug – can bring your fur babies, real babies and large baby (hubby) with no makeup, makeup, pyjamas’ whatever your jam is? Olive and July is your new go to for all things beauty. I can assure you you’ll walk out one incredible friend up and feeling more beautiful than ever. Not only is she a wizard with your mind body and soul she’s also a very talented makeup artist. Go figure!

So, thank you Chloe, for creating such a beautiful place so out of the ordinary for all the queens of Perth. Much love xoxo

Contact Olive & July

Facebook | Instagram @oliveandjuly


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