FAT FREEZING (Cryolipolysis) – Does it work? Ice Ice Baby..Chic Chic Body

Can i have my cake and eat it? And ermm loose weight, real quick? Do nothing and relax at the same time?

Yes baby – Yes you can!

First off, I need to set the record straight – I am an absolute SUCKER for any fad diet, workout, pill or potion that’ll eliminate my fat with minimal effort..I mean who isn’t? Only ever last a few days and none of them ever work butttttt i’ve got HOPE.. i’ve got FAITH.. and i’ve got some extra KILOS to give!!! so why not try em all huh!

Oh i know why…

Because they don’t work, they are bad for your general health/well being, hormones and mental state!

They’re not new, AND THEY ALL SUCK

Except this one, oh it sucks… oh boy does it suck….. it sucks that body fat right up into it’s freezing little sexy science cave applicator and melts your fat cells to a whopping minus -9 degrees … mmm melting fat…

The best part about it is..
You feel nothing!
You do nothing!

Around 1/3 of your body fat is eliminated in
just ..
one ..
hour ..
Say what? Yeah that’s right – Science baby, science….

Or shall we say Ice Ice baby, Ice that fat away…

So you’re telling me… you could literally eat cake… laying down…. and loose weight? all in an hour?

That’ll be a YES FROM ME!!!!!


Chic Body Double Bay – That’s where

Karla is not only the sweetest honey in the entire world but she’s also a Pilates Machine wonder woman – and you know, in Pilates we trust. Her Studio is right next door, but that’s a story for another day


Her Beauty Clinic is sooo.. Chic…..Chic body Fitting name huh?

here’s some piccys and a walk through..

Cut to the chase Mon, tell us the low down

I spent the sweetest hour at her clinic, the room was so comforting, she offers refreshments, towels, blankets, and just all round great company plus answers any questions you have!

Here’s some photos of me pre, during and after... And yes they’re flattering photos i know i took them…care factor zerooo, i’m busay freezing my fat GF!

just please excuse the pancake boob..

This next one is ma fav..  – you’re welcome

Afterwards i could literally feel my fat had separated from the walls of my stomach, jiggling around like a bobble head on a truck driving into the abyss…away from all it’s …extra load …in its belly?

Totally relatable right? Okay maybe not but you get the jist.

She’s got the best system in the market AND because her Double Bay shop is new she’s offering 25% off all treatment packages when you mention you know me –  Meaning it’s only $375 for an applicator session!!

 (you can do more than one at the same time and she bundles them in packages so it’s cheaper) 

No gym memberships, no shitty diets, just science and one hour! NAILED IT!

All hail our anti fat fairy god mother – Karla at Chic Beauty  Jump on her website, get the info and get that summer bod in action in just an hour!

*Results seen at 3 weeks, final results at 12 weeks so get down quick stat!*

Oh and give her a high five from me when you go!

And yes i’ll post the photos of my shredded abs in 12 weeks for you all to grate some cheese on 😉

Xoxo Mon

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